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  • We fill the gap & fund programs outside of the PTA guidelines

    Our students need more than public funding can provide. We are Pacific Rim’s non-profit foundation made up of parent volunteers who raise money and offer support for educational programs and special projects at our school. We work closely with school leadership to fuel academic, enrichment, and technology initiatives.

    In the 2014-15 school year, we spent $102,378 on programs. Check out our “Programs” tab for a sample. Adding these valuable programs is one of many elements that make Pacific Rim Elementary one of the top five ranked elementary schools in San Diego County (over 500 schools). These programs help our students gain a well-rounded education, and foster a love of learning.

    The Jogathon is our biggest and only fundraiser. It is a festive day, a day for community and school spirit. It’s the perfect time to reach out to friends, relatives, and neighbors for support. This year we are lacing up our sneakers on Nov. 6 for the 2015 Jogathon. We can’t wait to see you there!

    Ninety-three percent of every dollar we raise goes directly to programs and projects at Pac Rim. If you would like more information about our budget or financials, please feel free to contact our treasurer at treasurer@Friendsof PacificRim.

  • Programs funded by your donations

    Science – $17,000
    2nd and 3rd Grade Science Teachers and Labs.
    Science Projects in the Pac Rim Garden.
    Garden refurbishment and new installations including Go Green Composting

    English and Engineering- $6,000
    TLC – The Literacy Connection
    ELL – English Language Learners
    3rd Grade Writing Program Training
    3rd grade Mission Possible
    Thoughtstem, Engineering

    Technology – $20,000
    IPADS! 40 ipads, an ipad cow, software, accessories and training!
    Chrome Books: 40 Chrome Books and Cart for grades 3-5.
    Technology will be part of the Wheel for grades K-5.
    Robotics and ur.robotics program.

    Arts and Assistants – $85,000
    Fine Arts Program, Teacher and Supplies
    SPRING Art Wave Festival and Friends Thank You!
    Mosaic project – in cooperation with Agua Hedionda Lagoon
    Drama Program, Teacher and Supplies K-5
    Credentialed Assistants Grades – credentialed teacher assistants in every class grades K-3
    ***vital to the quality of education in K-3 and Friends funded credentialed assistants $60K in 2014-15

    More – $10,000
    Odyssey of the Mind Program.
    Go Green Movement.
    Waverider News, Support, and Equipment.
    Native American Studies – 4th Grade.
    Heritage Assembly – Kindergarten.
    Gold Rush Assembly – 4th Grade.

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